HPCAFE-2017: High-Performance Computing Approaches for Monitoring, Exploring, Optimizing and Autotuning

The Horizon 2020 Projects AllScale, ANTAREX, and READEX organise the HPCAFE-2017 workshop at the European HPC Summit Week 2017.

The workshop will focus on monitoring, exploring and optimizing high-performance applications in terms of energy efficiency. Besides invited talks, there will be presentations about the projects, their approaches and key innovations. Moreover, members of each project will present recent advances. Finally, each of the projects will demonstrate the different tools and the libraries developed.

For young researchers there will be the possibility to present their work.

The workshop will close with a panel about “Exascale Computing and the Role of the Tools: what are the challenges and open issues?”

So if you want to see READEX in action or to discuss the tools, fell free to join us at European HPC Summit Week 2017.

Find more details at http://www.fe.up.pt/hpcafe2017 .