Schedule online for the International Workshop on Dynamic Code Auto-Tuning

The READEX project is pleased to announce the speakers and preliminary schedule of the International Workshop on Dynamic Code Auto-Tuning (DCAT), which will be part of the workshop program at the 2016 International Symposium for Code Generation and Optimization (CGO).

The workshop will host four invited speakers with topics ranging from power-limited high performance computing to the system scenario methodology from the embedded systems domain, all linked by the common topic of auto-tuning of parallel applications. As a fifth talk, the an intoduction of the new READEX project will be given.

The speakers who will present their recent research activities in the area of code auto-tuning are Thomas Fahringer from the University of Innsbruck, Martin Schulz from Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Andrea Bartolini from ETH Zürich, and Mark Geilen from imec.

The READEX project is looking forward to sharing interesting ideas and discussions throughout the workshop.