Project Background

The READEX tool-suite will be based on two technologies from different ends of the compute spectrum, the Periscope Tuning Framework and the System Scenario Methodology.

Periscope Tuning Framework

The Periscope Tuning Framework (PTF) has been developed in the AutoTune project to provide static tuning for energy efficiency. Through the integrated workflow tool Pathway the user can find optimal system parameter for the application run. Tuning plugins encode expert knowledge on the different tuning aspects. PTF has been integrated with Score-P and will be the technological basis for the scalable design time and runtime part of the READEX too-suite.

System Scenario Methodology

The System Scenario Methodology splits the process of tuning applications for energy-efficiency into two phases. At design time, the application is analysed to detect different runtime situations (RTS). RTS with similar costs are grouped into so-called system scenarios, for which for which optimal system parameters are determined. During production runs, the upcoming system scenario is detected based on identifier, e.g., control-flow variables, and the respective configuration is applied. This methodology has been successfully applied in the embedded systems domain but has not been used in high-performance computing, yet. For more detailed information, please see DOI 10.1145/1455229.1455232