READEX Tool Suite Download

The READEX tool suite can be downloaded for use at your system. It consists of the following components:

  • Score-P: Score-P is an instrumentation framework that is usually used to profile or trace HPC programs
  • scorep-dev: Developer tools, needed to build PTF
  • PTF: The Periscope Tuning Framework is used to tune for energy efficiency.
  • RRL: The RRL is used during tuning and during production runs to apply changes given by PTF or the tuning model
  • PCP: The Parameter Control plugins are used to apply changes to the hardware and software environment. E.g., to change the frequency
  • ATP: The Application Tuning Parameters can be used to provide READEX with user domain knowledge. More information can be found in our deliverables, e.g., D2.3
  • Cluster_Prediction: This library is used in the READEX interphase plugin to predict the behavior of the upcoming phase

Please refer to the installation guide and the usage guide for more information on how to build and how to use READEX. If these documents don‘t answer your questions or you experience a problem, write us at

Download tarballs: