The goal of the READEX project is to improved energy-efficiency of applications in the field of High-Performance Computing. The project brings together European experts from different ends of the computing spectrum to develop a tools-aided methodology for dynamic auto-tuning, allowing users to automatically exploit the dynamic behaviour of their applications by adjusting the system to the actual resource requirements. Detailed information are available in the Project Overview.


  • Talk at DATE - Check out our READEX talk at the Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE) conference on March 28th. The talk will be part of Session 2.7 “EU Project Special Session: […]
  • Alpha prototype - We are happy to announce the alpha version of the READEX tool suite. In order to get access, please contact Venkatesh Kannan .
  • F2F Meeting - Last week, we held our half-yearly Face-to-Face meeting in Dresden. Beside different organisational topics, we discussed first results and the upcoming half of the READEX project. This future work includes, […]
  • Second Workshop on Energy-Aware High Performance Computing at ISC’17 - Another workshop where READEX is co-organizer: “The EnA-HPC Workshop brings together researchers, developers, vendors, and users to discuss the energy consumption challenge that HPC is facing. EnA-HPC Workshop is […]
  • HPCAFE-2017: High-Performance Computing Approaches for Monitoring, Exploring, Optimizing and Autotuning - The Horizon 2020 Projects AllScale, ANTAREX, and READEX organise the HPCAFE-2017 workshop at the European HPC Summit Week 2017. The workshop will focus on monitoring, exploring and optimizing high-performance applications […]